ShaftNet User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v3.1415

Security & Accountability

ShaftNet is not a public access system. This means that not just anyone can use its facilities. Your account is a privlige, not a right.

Many people depend on ShaftNet now, so any activity which may lead to a denial-of-service for someone else is strictly prohibited. What this basically means: Don't do anything illegal and/or particularly stupid:

The Admins don't need to keep ShaftNet running, or allow others to use the system. It is first and foremost a server for our own uses, and as long as allowing others to use it doesn't impinge on our time, it will remain that way. Should dealing with user issues become a chore, we could just decide to disable third-party access or shut it down entirely.

In short, don't do anything illegal or quasi-legal, and don't make an ass of yourself on-line. We're not out to get you or tell you what you can and can't do... you have a powerful Unix system at your disposal. Use it wisely.


Solomon Peachy (pizza AT shaftnet DOT org)